Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ravens Flying Off

Have you ever had a quilting buddy, or two or more help you out in a way there just doesn't seem to be the words to say?

Well, I consider myself amazingly fortunate to have some of those (really many) of those folks around me.
After all, quilters are the BEST!

There were four amazing woman who went over and above recently, and I have thought and thought about the right thank you. I thought about many things, but in the end decided to share my wealth with each of them by sending them one of the 5 ravens that have been keeping me company for a while. A bit of my studio to theirs.

A couple of these showed up along with instructions on how to make them in the May-13 Issue of GenerationQ Magazine.-and you can click over a get the free pattern. But the others were made just for the love of it.

These are the ravens that took flight yesterday and will make it to their new homes by Monday.

The packaging of each gave me time to say good-bye.

BUT, the one that remains is pretty upset. He seems to be staring at me with his googly-woolly eyes and saying... "What the???!#!"
He'll get over it -- I'm sure!

Have you ever made a special thank you for a dear friend (quilter or not)?
I'd love to hear the what and when?

Happiest of Saturdays


  1. I have made little ditty bags for folks and I use old metal tape measures for the closure mechanism. It is fun to do things like that just to say, "I appreciate you!"

    1. these remain special for a long, long time.... thanks for sharing about your ditty bags Sandi -- the closure sounds like a lot of fun. snap a picture next time you make them -- would love to see them!

  2. I think your ravens are adorable! I recall having fun designing gingham irises and endeavoring to make each bouquet unique. Sometimes the littlest challenges can be just the right "pick-me-up" :)