Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter 0 - Spring 1!

On awaking this fine Saturday it feels like someone has flipped a giant  switch in my psyche... it's spring, ITS SPRING!!!

So after about an hour out in the yard raking up leaves left beneath early arriving snow I can say this is true. Under all the remaining snow and fall leaves were the daffodils pushing through all the nonsense of 5" of snow earlier this week, to make sure we understood spring is here ---

it is its time!!!

It is no wonder why this past week's snow has been watched each day in anticipation of melting.

These two pictures tell the tale:

and springs tribute!!!

It will be harder to get work done in the studio this week...
oh, well!!

Here'e hoping that Spring has let you know it has arrived where you are, too!

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