Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rooty Toot!

In case you're wondering the title today is me -- ready to blow my own horn a bit.

I have been having workshops and sharing some of my quilts at the wonderful store Ephemera of Paducah,
but this week Kristin Williams the owner asked if I had any winter themed quilts that we could put up.

Well, I knew that I had a couple -- and much to my surprise I found 10 that would fit the category. So I loaded them up and headed over -- (such a long, long drive -- 5 minutes..darn I love Paducah!)

We ended up using 7 --- and I love how they looked against the beautiful teal walls there in the store... here are few pictures.

If you are around -- and have a chance to see these and the others I have there I know you'll enjoy it, and all the other amazing things Kristin has brought in.

My next workshop there is in January --- hope it doesn't get frozen out...


  1. Keep on tooting that horn, Rose!! I love your creations and that you so willingly share them with your "fans" !!

    Is the January workshop the same one you did in October? I would like to attend one of your workshops ~ ~ weather permitting, of course :) I like viewing your wintery works, but don't think I'd like being "featured" in one !!!

  2. Hi Kara, the workshop coming up in January is not the same as in October -- in this one we'll be designing fabric and making it happen with crayons & paint -- a big favorite of mine!