Friday, November 1, 2013

OMG .... Halloween in Paducah

It was 4 o'clock, on Halloween nite
--- hardly the witching hour, but I donned my cat ears and makeup and headed to my friends home over on Jefferson St.

I had heard tales of the numbers of trick or treaters that would soon be waiting for  their turn to hold out their bag for treats,
BUT OMG..... what FUN!!!!!

The weather report was not good, storms threatened to be right on top of us during prime time... but the residents of Jefferson held their breath and prepared their stockpiles of candy in hopeful anticipation.

This is not a city sponsored -- or any sponsor event, and the residents call for anyone within shouting range to donate candy for the normally 2000-4000 kids that show up on their doorsteps each year.

I took my post at the top of the steps with another new resident to Paducah, and we had to be pulled away.... it was just too much fun to hear the trick or treats, happy Halloween's and the Thank Yous from more costumed kids than I had ever seen.

On the front porch the lines never really let up...even during a short downpour, until the huge candy trough was ...empty.

It was truly wonderful -- the weather held out almost exactly to 9pm, when the tornado warning sirens sounded, the storms had held back just enough to give away all the candy. Over 1700 costumed kids were given candy on that porch last night -- and yes, there is always someone manning the clicker.

Big thanks to my friends who invited David & I to be part of the fun, and all the other insanely generous folks living in and around Jefferson St ...another grand reason to be happy living here in Paducah.

The fall leaves got blown around quite a bit last night, but my pattern give-away will continue on through Sunday -- grab one while you can!

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