Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Fun

Happy Friday!
On waking this morning, we find the temp has dropped to 32, but the sun is trying to make it's way through the foggy conditions to welcome the day.

Fall is fast waning -- Nikki, my sweetie girl tuxedo cat, has rediscovered the floor vents. She has her favorites as she keeps nice & toasty warm.

I am pretty glad that David & I made time for a picnic in the park this week -- the leaves will soon be gone, and the cold will not be as welcoming as the clear, crisp air with the sun shining through the fast disappearing colored leaves.

We enjoyed our lunches while watching the local park workers putting up the Christmas light displays throughout the park. These will soon make their annual appearance all lit up and wonderful, but for now they are individual light displays being installed and made ready for the holidays.

I took a few pictures and hope you enjoy our little bit of fall --
but, don't miss out,
I encourage you to take a bit of time
in your own community to enjoy the season.

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  1. Doesn't seem possible the holidays are just around the corner! Even in Long Beach it's cooler especially at night, 48 in my car this AM. Heated seats anyone? Have a great day Rose.

    1. holidays? what holidays? oh, no.... it just can't be! thanks MaryAnn for sharing a bit of a LB update -- I love watching my friend Nat's updates with all her pictures of the local sunrises & sunsets...nice reminders --- enjoy your weekend!