Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrating Gratitude

November --
the month we here in the states celebrate Thanksgiving
is turning into the Month of Gratitude.

Being grateful, and saying thank you is a powerful action. It makes the giver and receiver feel like the special person that they are, so I'm totally on board.

I've chosen to take my fun-colored-post it notes and each morning write down one or two things I am grateful for and stick them on the frig. I'm hoping that my sweet David will join in... we'll see..
There are tons of ways to proclaim and share
your own gratitude this month.
From Abundant & Accomplished thru Zest & Zeal you can find a whole List of gratitude words by clicking here:

Use them to kick-start your 5 minute drawings and by the end of the month you can have a filled your sketchbook to bursting … a wonderful thing to be grateful for.
(if you've not joined in the sketchbook fun before --
check out my posting from June.

You can find a whole month of ideas by clicking on this site:

I'm starting here by saying how grateful I am to all of you who stop by -- read a bit -- try out some of my crazy ideas along with me -- and share your own ideas and selves with me.

I feel very special -- lucky, lucky indeed!

and don't forget
the pattern give-away
will continue through next Sunday-November 10th!

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