Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taking It In

Well, it is Sunday morning.... 25 degrees outside this morning, though another dry day. Unlike the storms that move through the area last weekend this one was much calmer. I have spent most of the time between this week working on projects for the new book.

There's a deadline looming, and I have to admit to feeling really excited about how everything is coming together -- so, so hard not to share, BUT I have other really fun things that I can!

David & I were waiting for the sun to come out to take a ride up to Mt.Vernon IL to see the Cedarhurst Museum. We needed sun especially for they are known for their sculpture park -- and boy we were not disappointed.

I am sharing here just a tiny smidge of the sculptures -- I was enthralled with each piece and it's home in the landscape...I even tried to record the sounds of the leaves and the wind for they played a part in the enjoyment of the experience.

Then there was the main galleries - wonderful permanent collection, and an amazing kid space -- and if you walked through there was another gallery there with the sculptures of Michelle Stitzlein - assemblages to wonder at.

Enough commentary... enjoy some of my pictures but also check out the link to Michelle's site, for the pieces are well documented and presented there.

Hope these bring a bit of inspiration to your day/week, and if you get a chance to visit Cedarhurst in person --- don't miss it!

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  1. Beautiful! Always enjoy your posts even tho I don't always comment! Have another wonderful day!