Monday, November 3, 2014

Help, Please!

Happy Monday everyone!
It has been a grand Halloween weekend. Started with being part of the hand-out over on Jefferson St. Big shout out to Kristen Williams (Ephemera) for letting me part of the fun. The count got up to 2385.... yes, that is the number of kids that stepped up for candy!

After the spooktacular celebration, the weather cooled really fast so I spent a really nice part of the weekend cuddled with Nikki & Edgar
... stitching away on the quilt that I you all have been helping me with... so, today I am happy to share the finished piece with you!
This quilt has a special mission... the pattern for this fun - easy to stitch piece will be given away to anyone who pre-orders my new book. And even better - this pattern- will be available through download on Nov. 14th. Kind of a prelude to Fast-Piece Applique.

Below are some of the pictures I shared along the way, and several where your choices helped get me here.

Now there is just one more question I'd love your HELP with...

What should I call this quilt?

another little project in the works
is all about Love Letter Hearts


  1. Well, instead of "falling leaves" it almost looks like "Rising Leaves" or "Bubbling Leaves" !! Lovely work, as always :)

  2. Seasons of Leaves or Leaves of the Seasons

  3. It's great to hear ideas from you all -- so many things that never even crossed my mind.... loving them all.

  4. How about "Loving Leaves"

  5. thanks for all the names -- I will be looking through them all to find the favorite . it may have to come down to a vote.

  6. Love the quilt. Looking forward to your new book. Name for this quilt...."Leaving Summer."