Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sneaky Stuff Here Today

The sun is barely up this morning as I sit down to write this. The temp outside is a balmy 57 degrees. The weather forecast though shows us climbing a couple of degrees before noon, then wham.... the cold will be upon us again.

This will probably be the death toll for all the remaining leaves that seem to have stubbornly declared they will not be forced out over the last few weeks.

It seems the perfect day to share with you all a bit of winter --
quilt style, of course.

The winter trees and the colors of the winter sky have taken ahold of me, and inspired this piece I call Sweet Dreams.
This quilt holds a special place in my heart.
When making it, it just called out for sweet hand stitched snowflakes, and I had a wonderful time making that happen.
It won't be long until the book with this lovely winter's wish will be available. Today we'll have to settle for a peek, but do remember that you get an extra pattern for pre-ordering your copy of Fast-Piece Applique.

Enjoy your day -- and Stitch-ON!

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