Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Warm Up With this Sneak Peek

Ok, it is 13 degrees outside.
Another record making cold day.
A perfect time to remember some warmer ones.

With warmth in mind, this week I figured I would give you sneak peek at the quilt Umbrella Beach from my new book. This way I could also share a few images to warm me up.

The quilt Umbrella Beach was inspired from a walk along the boardwalk in St. Martin Island in the Caribbean. There the blue sky, met the blue water and the sandy beach was engulfed in bright orange and yellow umbrellas.

Throughout the islands you'll find lots of umbrellas -- in the streets, and markets. Islanders carrying them to keep out the sun.
A nice thought on this cold morning.
Yes, this last picture is of me that day --
walking through the shops.

The quilts that are most special to me are the ones that bring back a moment in time -- just when you need a bit of warming up!

Enjoy your day, and remember that if you have a special memory that you want to create in a quilt -- to keep it -- share it... Fast-Piece Applique may be the perfect method to stitch it all together.

Make it Sew!
Happily stitching,


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