Monday, November 17, 2014

Intersections on our Treasure Maps

We all set out on our paths and are constantly presented with new trails that lead off in a multitude of directions. The choices we make and where we end up, our journeys to get here or there have always intrigued me.

The paths themselves if mapped out would probably appear like treasure maps in our heads with a giant X marking the spot of our next treasure.

My treasure map may not be the same as yours, but our pathways surely cross each other creating inspiring intersections. When I met and began working with the longarm quilters who stitched on the quilts in my latest book, I felt a fun and powerful connection at those intersections.

When I began to think about sharing them with you I tried to think of them as longarmers, but very quickly found that they are all so different from each other – different journeys and different stories.

On Wednesday I will begin to share with you their stories,
and of course a bit about how each of their lives have intersected
with my own…making it special!

These special longarmers include:

Angela Walters
Cory Allender
Lisa Sipes
Maddie Ketray
Mandy Leins
Vicki Tymczyszyn
I am looking forward to sharing a bit about each of these amazing women, their stories, and about the treasure-map pathways each finds themselves traveling today.

Where does the X
lie on your own treasure map today?


  1. How fabulous! All of these women do amazing work (and I'm friends with a few of them). I can't wait to hear more of their stories (and yours!)

    1. thanks Christa... I love hearing everyone's stories!