Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where the Ar-Kansas Meets

This week my venturing found me in at least one place that I just shook my head and said---to myself of course---"Rose, just what are you doing here?"

Here, mind you I would have to point to it on the map -- and you would not find any notation -- for it truly was 'out there'. But, once there was no other choice but  muddling or puddling on. Eventually, those back, back roads - led to back roads - led to the road that led to Wichita.

Unlike that back door entrance, Wichita was a really wonderful place. Good people, and a really fun, creative city. My first full day there was spent with the great quilters of Prairie Quilt Guild. They have daytime and evening meetings so it is whole day of guild fun! There was an awful lot of rain - causing flooding in many areas of the city but the members were not deterred from attending the meetings.

On Wed, the Fast-Piece Applique workshop gave me a great day of sharing. You can click over and see a couple of samples of finished designs by Susan & Trudy.

After class, Susan (my delightful hostess) took me on a bit of tour-- not a single drop of rain, and not in the least 'sultry'. (sultry is my new word -- used by women in the guild instead of that nasty word - humidity).

The tour was mostly of sculptures around the city -- the Douglas Streetscapes throughout the downtown -- the giant centipede on the university campus and Keeper of the Plains - made by Blackbear Bosin in 1974 and standing where the Arkansas and Little Arkansas (called by locals the Ar- Kansas) rivers converge. He stands close to 600" tall and weighs in at around 5 tons. Quite a greeting.

It was a lot of fun -- here's a few pics of the Keeper and his surrounds:

Thursday found me headed home -- and as I have learned in the past there is almost always another way out --- So, I headed north, then east along many roads -- though none as back, back as those on Monday.

Tomorrow a new week -- new ventures.

stitching definitely

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