Thursday, August 8, 2013

All I got...

I grew up on Miami Beach -- land of tourists and all sorts of assorted stuff, you know..

and, there was a time when t-shirts that said something like -'my parents went to Florida and all I got was this stinkin' t-shirt'.
Do you remember these?

Well, my sister & brother-in-law went off to New Mexico a couple of weeks ago and I got a grand package of art catalogs and travel stuff... no 'stinkin t-shirt for me!

I love these -- they allow you to gallery hop,
and take in sights, in-between all the ads.
It is a way of venturing - or if I was lucky enough to collect these in person -

Many of the pictures found on these pages have been cut and are now part of my color book..

These can be used in tons of ways..
what would you do with some of
the pictures from these pages?

& btw
LOVE & thanks to Sherene....
for sending me a big package of goodies!


  1. Lucky you, Rose, to have got such sister and brother-in-law. They must really love you and know you well to be able to choose for you exactly the "souvenirs" you would cherish.

    1. I am very lucky Sabine! This same sister made a point of teaching me very young, that you should just ask for what you'd like -- so, I did...but, she & Rick were wonderful enough to make it so, and even mail it to me before they headed home!!! I am one very grateful sister, happily cutting, pasting & enjoying.