Friday, August 30, 2013

Venture - 'Life Sure is Funny' - Meet Maddie Kertay

It is a wonderful thing to be a quilter!
I have a great creative life and
I get to meet incredible people-all the time

Back in May at Quilt Market, while hangin' with buds at GenQ I met one self-proclaimed Bad-Ass Quilter, aka Maddie Kertay! Her infectious spirit was evident right then & there and just continues to bubble over moment to moment.
Kelly & Maddie at Quilt Market
Since that meeting and acquiring my own Bad-Ass quilter pin, I have watched Maddie's new brick& mortar store  SPOOL become a reality via FaceBook. It has been fun to watch everything be pulled together - Maddie makes you feel quite at home & it is with great pleasure that I get to share a bit about her with you now ---

and, of course get the word out that..
SPOOL is opening next week!!!  On, Saturday - Sept 7th

This week, in the middle of everything else, Maddie answered a few questions about her own quilting adventure -- and the SPOOL venture, too.
So, in her own words & pictures....

When did your quilting journey begin?

While I had made the occasional baby blanket/quilt over the years I was mostly sewing for my kids and my house- 3 years ago I was bitten by the quilt bug when looking online for something else and ran into Tall Grass Prarie.. I decided that I needed to make a king sized wonky log cabin..
and then I needed to quilt it myself ( yes I am crazy).. So I did .. and free motioned the whole damn thing. I used such bad form body wise that my shoulders we around my ears for days afterwards and I then decided I needed a long arm.. 1 quilt +1month = Longarm ( again.. crazy)

After that I was picked as part of the Handi Quilter ad campaign.. Then with some experience I was quilting for others and an opportunity came my way from a company.. but it had strings.. one of them being I had to stop posting " controversial" topics.. well F-that.. and thus I wrote the rant that started the BAQS. - life sure is funny.

Do you have a BIG quilting dream?

My BIG dream would be to see quilting and quilters to be less divisive, play nice and play together .. each respecting each other and the work they are called to. I am doing my best on this front with the BAQS and now SPOOL.

Why Spool? the name?
& Why now?

Funny really.. I am usually very good at naming things.. from babies to pets.. but the store name took a while. I chose SPOOL since I want a simple modern name but also easy to Identify with sewing and quilting.. I mean EVERYONE knows what a spool of thread is. Oddly I had another name I  really loved but in the end rejected it because so many people - even quilters had no idea what it meant.. I was SELVAGE ( American spelling).. alas.. no go.

As to why now... that was a big surprise to all of us and HUGE props go to  my husband for being SO supportive. The largest quilt store in the area was closing due to retirement- it did not turn out to be a good option to buy it due to not being close enough to where I live so with a bit of talking we dived in as a family.... again.. to my husband.. YOU ROCK!!!!

the plan
the family pitching in to help
late-nite planning sessions
shelving going up

 boxes being opened & shelves being filled

awning is up!
coffee is brewing
 Join Maddie!

I can hardly wait -- and oh, yes I plan to drive down from Paducah to be there -
it's pretty exciting to be close enough to see it all happen!


  1. Replies
    1. it makes me smile just thinking about it!

  2. Like you, we down here in Chattanooga are so darn excited we cannot wait for Spool and to meet the people like yourself....

    1. thanks Sharon - I have been anxiously awaiting this opportunity -- #1 to see Maddie's Spool come into being and visit Chattanooga -- have never been before!

  3. Great post, Rose!! We are trying to get the word out. Am so excited that you will be here too!!

    1. I'm counting the looking forward to seeing everyone! shopping and visiting what could be better

  4. I plan to be there on Saturday and do a little shopping and visiting.

  5. I do so wish I was close enough to be there for Maddie's Grand Opening! It has been incredible to be able to watch it come together via F'book. Thanks for this great interview Rose!!

    1. thanks for commenting -- it really has been fun watching Maddie's FBing of this journey of hers...I feel pretty lucky to be within striking distance- 4hour by car, and my DH & I are making a getaway out of the weekend - double fun!

  6. What a great interview Rose. I have loved hearing Maddie's on FB and so wish I could be there on Saturday. But it's a long trip from Long Beach...sigh.

  7. wish you could be there, too...
    I should be wandering about the old CA stomping grounds in April -- hope to run into you then.

  8. Rose,

    So fun to meet you, be able to see your quilts up close and personal! Of course, a great big thanks to Maddie to bringing all this quilting excitement to my neighborhood--I am one lucky gal!!

    Hope you get to make to trip to Chattanooga often!