Monday, August 5, 2013

Venture = Adventure?

Over the last couple of weeks I went venturing into totally unknown territory for me....
Not fun as many of you are very aware --  my own gotten after having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic I was taking. Days on end of Benadryl and unending itching left me grateful on Saturday when things finally began to calm down.

One never knows what's around the next corner...
but, one still needs to head on out.

This month is all about VENTURING...
and it may not always be OUT, with maps & camera in hand...

it may be IN, and giving ourselves time for ourselves.

Earlier this year a friend told me about Notes from the Universe....
and how you can sign up to receive words from out there Mon-Fri via email.
(I do love getting these!)
and this morning my note said --

Surprises, rose, are life's ultimate way of gradually
waking you up from a deep, deep sleep.

Good and plenty,
    The Universe"

Seems rather fitting...
through venturing we find new,
find inspiration,
find oursleves...
and guaranteed there will be surprises along the way.

So, I hope you join in this month--
choose to VENTURE
along with me,
or on your own!


  1. Hi Rose I am new to your blog and site but you have a beautiful talent...I cam here from BAQS to say"thank you" for sharing yourself with us and for contributing to Maddies 4000 member list. But now it is two-fold because I have become a follower also. Venture is a big step for me and I am adjusting. I am also a receiver of Notes from the universe and look forward to those messages at times...Have a great day and again "Thank you"

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for leaving words for me. I was lucky enough to meet Maddy at quilt market and have loved ever minute of it. Maybe we'll have a chance to meet up at the opening of Spools in Sept. 'til then thanks for checking in here, too!

  2. Hi, Rose, Thank you for offering a lot of inspiration and the encouragement to let go and jump into creativity head first, or rather, heart first.
    I joined "Notes from the Universe" yesterday, directly after reading your email, and received my first note today. Even though the notes don't come from the universe directly, but from humans, they really are fun and thought-provoking.

    1. Hi Sabine- it is always more fun to know others are jumping in, right along with us. thanks for leaving comments here, and enjoy the 'notes'.