Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Venturing to Kansas

I am happily sitting and typing this out to you all from my hotel in Wichita KS. Later this morning I will be giving my trunkshow lecture for the Prairie Quilters Guild. I drove -the distance- from Kentucky yesterday --- no, I'm not gonna tell you how many miles. It was a long day that started with driving in a lightning storm and torrential rain, and ended ...
well, there are pictures.

Along the way there were not many photo opps, but when the sun came out later in the day the vastness of Kansas was rolled out in front of me --- low lying landscape, covered in green that stretched out to meet the sky in every direction. At one point there were loooong mounting clouds that seemed to have cabbage roses float along top for the ride. I even tried to sketch them out for you here.
I'd better hustle off and get going....
have you been 'venturing'?


  1. WOW Rose - I'm seeing all the possibilities of quilting lines with the bridge photo- thanks for taking the picture and sending it on your post. Enjoy your trip.

    1. the trip was filled with wonder, and now home, I'm hoping to share some of the fun from Wichita soon. I really hadn't thought about the quilting possibilities of the bridge...(I was entranced by the color), but now I do -- thanks for pointing it out!