Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Waving So-Long

Well, my darling dh and I have just returned from dropping mom off in Nashville. It is a longish trip and the cats were certainly glad to see their food authorities return home.

Mom and I spent our last full day hanging out together by working on some Hanuakah mixed media canvases for her to take back with her for friends in Seattle. (true confessions, we baked a batch of our favorite cookies, too.)

It all starts with a blank canvas -- and sometimes a spark of an idea.
Mom and I went looking for images of Menorahs on Pinterest to help the spark take shape.

Where do you go when you're
in need of a bit of inspiration?

Then layer by layer the canvas takes shape.
I think her friends will enjoy our attempts at Menorahs.
This is Mom and I at one of our outings while she was here visiting.

It was hard to leave her heading for home...
So long mom...
missing you already.


  1. I love the term "food authorities." My cat would approve of that job title for me!

    1. Hi Heather- After viewing and laughing at the Angrry Cat videos my husband and I gladly have taken on the name authorities... if you haven't seen them you will definitely enjoy them.