Monday, December 7, 2015

Ralphie's First Christmas

Ralphie is the new cutie in our lives, and at 5 months old he is a wild kitten. Naturally, as soon as the Christmas tree was up he was there crawling around -- sticking his nose into each branch... that is until he discovered the lights. At that point it became all about the lights.
David and I saw this and had a bit of a family pow-wow. Yes, a spray bottle of water is now close by the tree to catch Ralphie and try to teach him to stay away; but, we've been here before so we decided to dedicate this tree to Ralphie.

No fancy ornaments this year. This year we will purchase some plain ornaments and make a bunch of paper ornaments. Just in case.

So tonight we pulled out some fun papers, a couple of templates, scissors, gluesticks and the ornament making began.

As I write this this evening we have a bunch of stars ready to be made into two-sided ornaments. And, all those little circles are ready to be strung into a garland.... tomorrow.

With this I say goodnight -- and hope you join me back here for the continuing  saga of Ralphie's First Christmas Tree.


  1. Paper is definitely a good way to go! I had a cat who got into tinsel and I had no idea he was messing with it until he pooped it out. I was horrified! It could have done some damage to his intestines! Luckily, he was ok, but I learned to keep Christmas safe for my pets... His name was Loco (Crazy), appropriate for all the trouble he got into... :)

    Ralphie is gorgeous!!!

    1. Ralphie is a sweetie, so it is hard to tell him no. He looks at you so sweet, as if to say...meee???

  2. It's such a delight to have a daily visit with you in my Inbox! I love the Ralphie tree. Afterall, they're only kittens once in their 9 lives!!

    1. thanks Kara, it's nice to share but even nicer to hear from folks that they are enjoying it too...
      happy holidays