Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December? Really?

The weather here in Paducah has been very un-December like.

So much so that a purchase made last month, with the understanding that the whole thing might have to wait for spring came together.

The weather for Mon-Wed called for sunshine and temps in the 60s. Perfect for painting, and installing things in the yard.

I have spent most free time over the summer working to clear out flower beds and get rid of things that were just way too much to handle. The last of these was cleared out in October. In the plans is a make-over to the back yard, next spring.... and part of this was to put a new entryway into the are from the front of house. Having selected a large trellis, with a garden gate and side wings -- turned out the ordering in October was a good idea.

Long story short....
DH and I spent Mon/Tue painting the new stuff,
and it was installed today.

Now I just need to go buy a wreath for the gate and we're set!
Do you like the color?

 Ralphie watching from the sunroom.
Thank you weather gods.


  1. Gorgeous! Very Asian looking. Will go perfectly with your house!

    1. It felt great to get it in place Rachel and the color is the same as my front and side doors. Fun to see from inside the sunroom, too.

  2. sounds like the broken wrist recovery is going well also. Glad you were able to accomplish such an unseasonal project. It's fun to see something new outside as the days get grayer and shorter.