Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cinnamon Baked Ornaments

Whenever I am looking for a bit of inspiration I love to go wandering on Pinterest. When Pinterest was new I used to go off on Pinterest Hops... something I called finding a great Pin then using it as a jumping off point to find out about -- just about anything.

This week when we decided on making a tree that Ralphie could not destroy I went searching for ornaments. Today I found a fun Pin for,
It all sounded a bit ooey-gooey sticky, but how wonderful to have ornaments that smelled like cinnamon.

I decided to give it a try.
Early this evening I through all the ingredients in a bowl and dug in.
First slowly, but it all came together just how Cassie said it would on her blog. I would encourage anyone wanting to give it a try -- click over to Cassie's site for complete directions and  go for it.

Mine are baking away in the over, and I be decorating them tomorrow!

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