Friday, August 1, 2014

Painted Ladies

I've written quite a bit about houses lately...
well, at least about all the projects I have been undertaking around my own house.

For all this time, and admittedly sometime before I have had a quilt in my head -- I call it 'the cat house'. More for the fact that I wanted it to have a bunch of cats than for any of the other places some may call cat houses.

It started as a bit of a sketch on a piece of paper--long gone now.
and, there was little time to jump into the quilt making process since there was so many other things happening. But, this week I was able to focus on getting the pattern made and fabric selected.

The houses (now there are three) were loosely based on the painted ladies of San Francisco with their varying portals and FUN color.

Here's a few pics so far.
these are the houses that inspired the design
and below are the colors I chose for each of my 3 houses.

Feels great to finally get this quilt underway...
Hope you're finding some stitching time --
or inspirational time.


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