Thursday, August 28, 2014

Confessions of a Fabric Junkie

Don't think me wicked but I have long sought out ways to circumvent the quilt police, and since my friend Sam Hunter decided to share her quilty secrets I thought I could share mine, too.

For me learning the rules of quilting were a bit like torture. Every time I turned around back in the 90s it seemed like I was breaking some kind of rule, but I soon found out I was not alone....

, these and other like souls were more than happy to share their wicked ways.

Not to name, names but the first came along while I struggled with a mariners compass block in a Judy Mathieson workshop... 'ironing into submission' became part of my vocabulary and a part of my beliefs.

Wonderful, kind, creative and giving David Walker shared with us that sometimes in a pinch gluing beads in place were an option --

and, while I 'nearly' never have glued a bead, I do use fabric markers when I may have swerved ever so slightly while couching yarns in place over a stitched line. The fabric markers cover a multitude of little blips... so beats the alternatives.
My list of guilty quilty actions includes many of shortcuts taken by many a fabric addict. After all, for me the sooner I get through the top making and basic machine quilting the fast I get to the fun part, 'embellishing'.

The confession list of a embellisher would also be pretty long...
so many new products, new ways of using older products...

the quilt police probably would throw their hands up in the air with disgust, but I believe the quilters in the past would happily go out on a creative binge along with us if they had access to all the 'quilty stuff' we have today.

Things that help a quilter 'defy gravity',
and feel a bit 'wicked'.

Do you have a certain shortcut or tool that makes your heart sing...
I mean, makes you feel a bit 'wicked' ?



  1. Markers are one of my favorite fixes also. I, too, took a mariner's compass class from Judy. The main thing I learned was that I did not want to make another!

    1. lol -- I learned this as well, but it seems like something is always learned when we take a workshop! thanks for letting me know I have a co-conspirator out there.