Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Painted Ladies = Cat House

August brings with the start of new projects
and winding up and down of others.

Winding Down:
Yesterday I painted the last bits of colors to the shed...
luckily I chatted with my daughter-in-law, Dawn, for just at the right moment she said it should have some inspirational words, and I had just the right spot.

Now, I look out the window to visions of
Live, Laugh, Dream, Love, Create

The Start:
Shaping up with Fast-Piece Applique is underway, and I am loving being able to share with students literally from around the world.

Winding Up:

Book 4's next tick in the schedule is due mid-August..
with early announcement's on Amazon, etc, so I have also planned something fun for around the 15th... so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the cat houses are calling.

Below you can begin to see how the wild colors of the painted ladies are starting to take shape.


Looky what h
appened to the CAT HOUSES!
Find all the patterns and instructions in Generation Q Magazine.

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