Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's in that envelope?

What a wild summer...
I have been home for the summer -- purposefully filling the time with outdoor and indoor projects that couldn't wait. Slowly but surely things are coming together on a multitude of fronts.

BUT, everything kind of pulled to a stop last Friday with the unexpected yet greatly longed for arrival of a big fat UPS envelope!

Inside is the full manuscript copy for my latest book!!!

Ever wonder what is like to dive into a book writing project?

When writing a book you labor lovingly over words, patterns, fabrics and stitching. Organizing it all—keeping track of it all, and in my case having a plan that will help me muddle through the knee deep chaos to pull everything together.

Then, it is amazingly pulled together and shipped off to the publisher.
From this point there are many various people that take hold of your
words and quilts give them a shake...
Shake, shake, and the technical editor works their magic.
Shake, shake and the photographer makes all your little bits of ideas come alive visually.
Shake, shake and marketing folks get ahold of the planned chaos and come up with the next plan.
Then all of sudden the envelope arrives with the final review manuscript.

So much has happened since that package was sent off to the publisher that opening the envelope is indeed a little nerve racking; BUT,

My words – the ones I so lovingly typed are there for me to read once again.
This time on designed pages along with the quilts, patterns and stitching.
Breathing resumes.

Editing should commence.....
But, Edgar has other ideas,

and the planters keep calling my name.

So, if you wonder where I am this week --
somewhere between filling the planters with plants / finally...
and battling with Edgar to get the editing done.


  1. How exciting! Congratulations Rose!!

    1. thanks... as it gets closer to publication time the happy dance just gets wilder and wilder

  2. So fun - I can't wait to see it!

    1. ME, TOO Christa! Luckily we will all get a peek soon.

  3. Well that explains it. I couldn't keep my two kitties off the pages while I was working on them. They must have sensed Edgar and were trying not to be left out of the action!

    1. lol...we can blame it on the kitties -- or maybe Edgar just wanted to say hello..they keep us guessing

  4. congratulations to a very busy lady - and congratulations on your new on-line class.