Monday, July 14, 2014

Flower Power

Long about noon yesterday I started to pull all the stuff together that have been planned & prepped for a Tea & Paint party I was throwing at my place.

I had invited friends & family for a bit of painting fun --
easy, colorful flowers were needed on my shed...

Then to dive into cold, cold tea & sangria -
to help cool down,
along with a star line-up of sweet & savory treats
that I made to show how much I appreciate them all.

I put out a table full of primary color paints and we all had at it!
From the plain unpainted shed at the beginning of summer...
to the wild view of the NEW shed from my studio window!

Even the rain held off for the painting spree!
Big thanks to all the painters & the backup crew.

p.s. an unbiased review of the day was posted by my friend Chris on her blog-Crafting from the Underground. .


  1. Hubs has the same style shed he uses for his wood shop. When I saw these photos, I asked if I could paint flowers on his. Bah Humbug! He said NO!

    1. I'm sorry he was a humbug Sukochi -- My husband was fine with this (he's lived with me a long time), but I was a bit worried about my neighbors. To my relief they are all enjoying it.