Friday, July 11, 2014

The Complete Tale of 2 Planters

From the time David & I found our house on Clay St. in Paducah I knew these two giant planters had to have red mosaic tile.

Not to mention the awful grasses that were planted there -

Finally, taking time off from travels this summer I have been able to finish them.

In my mind they took no time at all, but in reality they were a ton of work,
and managing the project while competing with the weather made it much further drawn out. Here you can see where they started and where they are today and some things I learned along the way.
the start-cleaning out the plants was quite the job
ordered my tiles from Home Depot!
cracking tools
cracking time takes time -- don't forget protective glasses &
bundling the tile in a towel when cracking
laying out the tile takes tons of time
lesson learned - glue as you go
clean glue as you go, too
-- for it does not come off as it claims once dry

(used outdoor Liquid Nails - 5 tubes)
grouting --
also another lesson in clean as you go
plant shopping -
always the best part
an amazing difference - woo hoo it's done!!!!!!!
There were other things I planned to use this red tile mosaic on -- but that it just gonna have to wait....

What's on your summer to do list?


  1. It looks great, Rose! I would like to tile my front porch and have done it in my dreams. Looks great, too! Also, want to finish my milagro door. Ha!

    1. oh, the projects in our heads.... Ron suggested that I do the steps to the house, but then I pointed out that there were several sets of steps.... so in my mind I have added just the fronts of the steps.

  2. You've given them such a great burst of "friendly" ~ ~ What a satisfying project. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. they're awaiting a visit from you, Kara!

  3. The old ones were so sterile. You have given them LIFE! Great job!

    1. thanks --- next year I'll think about a couple of other places that need a bit of life.