Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime Checklist

Doing both...BLISS!

This summer my personal checklist is a bit longer than most...
OK, maybe not.
I admit that I create an ongoing list of things I want to do and things that need to be done that gets kind of long at times. BUT, this summer I filled my list with fun projects, BIG and small and happily things seem to be clicking along.

One of these projects is getting my 1st on-line workshop up and ready for students.
And, I can hardly wait for the students to arrive.

I chose the workshop that has been a long time favorite at guilds and conferences for a while and revamped, reworked, reinvented into an on-line version which:

  • lets you learn my favorite way to design a  quilt
  • use this process to create your own design
    (with me guiding the way)
  • then learning Fast-Piece Applique to stitch it all together

So, if learning tools and methods to create your own designs...
Or, adding the perfect construction technique to stitch together any shape, any curve:

then add my
August 1st - On-line Workshop
through Academy of Quilting

to your checklist;
follow your heart,
and be a blissfully happy quilter!

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