Friday, January 22, 2016

Making if home for the snow

I headed off to Tucson to present and teach last week. It began on a clear day -- the earlier snow had cleared out and I went off without a care. Little did I know that on my arrival at the gate in Nashville that I would discover  I left my phone sitting on the passenger seat of my car -- now in long term parking. A strange feeling of fear came over me -- fight or flight. Calculating quickly I determined that there was no way to get to the car and back through security ----

I was phoneless, in a sea of phones, tablets and computers.
Aughhh, I was looking at 5 days without phone, camera, music, book, work, and social media---could one survive?

Thanks to the wonderful hostess at the Tucson Quilters Guild I survived. She helped me take it in stride while learning how to make calls again with a credit card.

My lecture Color it Bold and the human color wheel that is part of it was well received and there are now a ton of quilters that learned about natural neutrals and the power of color journaling.

And, there were so many saguaro trees that are going to love their new homes on some amazing quilts from the Dream Landscape workshop.... but, I have no pictures.
After one class we hit fun filled Mexican folk art shops and I made purchases of tin and milagro hearts that I longed for. After day 2 of class I was witness to a postcard perfect visit to Saguaro National Park (east) which ended with a sunset every photographer drools over... but, I have no pictures.

I do have lots of new hearts and memories of the periwinkle skies that deepened with yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks.

And, my phone was right where I left it -- to no surprise, dead.
I plugged it back in and was happily chatting with folks on my drive home.

The pictures here came afterwards...
For, I definitely survived and got home with clear skies just in time for the winter storms to come through.


  1. Isn't it amazing how vulnerable we can feel without instant communication? That had to be very hard for you for five days! The sunset picture is beautiful. I'm glad this story didn't end with your phone getting stolen from your vehicle!

    1. Me, too Kathy! I've always felt pretty safe leaving my car there -- and while it crossed my mind that someone may see it and break in, I just envisioned it laying there. Luckily, it was right as I left it!

  2. I've been to Saguaro National Park and it looks just like the last time I saw it. But, they are cactus, not trees.;} Love the sunset picture too. Is the desert blooming this year? It is about time.

    And I understand about the phone, but it is amazing--we can live without them. Good it was still there when you got back.

    1. There was little blooming on this visit, but I have experienced the desert blooming before and it is beautiful -- inspired a couple of quilts along the way