Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Envisioning 2016

Some years we just know are going to be filled with changes.
2016 is one of those years for me.

I have an opportunity to step back from the traveling for teaching & lecturing and to refocus more on quilting and art for myself.... and I am both looking forward to it & am a bit stumped by which direction to move in.

So, as the year turns I have joined in a couple of regrouping activities -- first was a vision board making day at a local shop. Wildhair Studios
It was great fun and pretty informative doing this as a group.
see the crossroads there?
Then since I love my daily Notes from the Universe - and Mike is offering a free Infinite Opportunities 30-day Project I jumped in. 
Things are coming together slowly, but I hope to find new ways to keep sharing with everyone -- and I love hearing what everyone else is doing, we truly work better when we work together.

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