Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016

Here I am -- wishing you a wonderful, happy beginning to what promises to be a pretty amazing new year.
I fell a bit short on the blog challenge of writing/sharing everyday for a month. Not surprising that I made it to December 16th... then all the other craziness of the holiday season kicked  in.

There were some fun times with friends and family -- and some (ahem, ahem) wayyyyy lazy days. All were joy-filled!

Ralphie's tree has now come down and other than the few ornaments he got off the lower branches and batted around the hardwood floors in the middle of the night -- there was little incident.

Cookie making with my sister-in-law and nieces was a blast, and it payed off in LOTs of cookies -- that David & I spent quickly packaged and delivered.

Our last meeting of the mixed media group from Ephemera help me get the prototype made for the BAKE aprons; just in time to make 3 for our cookie baking day.
lemon shortbread -- one favorite
oreo mint truffles -- who knew
thought they would be way too sweet, but they were not....yumm

Lauren here is wielding the spritz cookie press that my son
electrified when he was 13 -- 27 years and still working great!
no time to make an apron for myself --
maybe next year -- got all theirs done though!
Pictures of the wayyy lazy days are of Ralphie laying about, and I think you may have seen a good many of these - or ones like them.

So now that it is Monday -- it is time to kick start the year for real.

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