Sunday, April 26, 2015

Quilt Week is Now Done!!!!!

It has been a wildly fun week here in Paducah. So many great quilt works and friends to hook up with -- it is hard to choose just what you want to do on any given day.

I was lucky too, for I had places where people found me!

There were many a day that I would just post pictures of the local map with my own location circled. This helped my keep track of just were I was supposed to be, when.

Then there were times meeting and greeting all the people that came to see Helene Davis' and my own work an display as part of the Two Voice exhibit at Jefferson Street Studios.
And, the ton of fun demo'ing Fast-Piece Applique and my latest Creative Design Alphabet quilts & pattern at Ephemera.
Now it is time to go through all those fun purchases, put things away in the studio and catch up with emails and things left for 'the end'.

To all the new people I met....and all the old friends that I was able to share a bit of time with --- I MISS YOU ALL ALREADY!!!

Same time next year.

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