Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Making "Words" Sew with Fast-Piece Applique

When something grabs hold of me I have just learned to roll with it. This year I have just been fascinated with adding words to my quilt works. Words are really nothing new -- a good friend of mine Joanell Connolly always used a word in her quilts, but she printed hers with help from screens made from a thermofax machine. 

Some of my favorites of Joanell's include... I did not pick one or two -- have fun just going through and finding your own favorites.
Then another friend of mine came out with her new book -- Quilt Talk -- Yes, this is the wonderful book of Sam Hunter and her projects are inspiring; but alas, paper-pieced.

So as the year began with the selection of my first year inspiring word -
SPIRIT appeared in my sketch book -- all color and fun -- but even before the drawing was completed; I was creating it in fabric (with Fast-Piece Applique of course).

Who would have ever expected what came next?  Not me!
And, who knows where it will take me....

It feels especially good to be able to share the fun with you along the way. Like with the #loveletterheart patterns that were part of my book tour are still on-line to pull down and use.

I have developed a lower-case alphabet and packaged it in a way that you can use the letters yourself to design your own words.
Do you have a word or name you want to add to your own quilt?
With my downloadable pattern you can "make it sew"!

BUT, if you would rather just have fun with the quilts I have designed, I've included (2)full-sized pattern downloads so you can have a guided creative flight with a couple of words I have played with.

The word-quilts included are:
 each are 30" wide x 36" long

The Creative Design Alphabet can be purchased from my website. Scroll down on the patterns page to order.

Talk with you all soon,
and who knows where the 'words' will go next.


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