Thursday, May 11, 2017

All Day Everyday-Everyday All Day

Healing comes to each of us in many ways.

Mine began as I began making a quilt to honor the memory of 'my' Edgar. You all have heard or seen my many posts on him, now I wanted to share his quilt and some of the photos I took along the way as I was stitching.

It started with photos --
Photos that I printed in black & white, then I took a china white pencil to begin identifying various parts.
Being a black cat there was always a hard time capturing his highlights, but I think I was able to pull these out of the photos.
Next came the piecing -- using Fast-Piece Applique of course, but I felt just because he was a black cat did not mean that it all had to be black fabric.
I created Edgar on his own then selected a background fabric where I could write all his stories-journal style. Below I show a couple of detail shots showing how this was done.
Here he is -- all Edgar -- all 4.5feet of him.

It is called--
All Day Everyday - Everyday All Day


  1. What a gorgeous testament of your love. I love how you captures the hues in the black fur! He looks like a lovely stained glass window. Xoxo

  2. Oh, Rose, It's so wonderful! It fills my heart for you/with you. I lost my all black (long hair) kitty after 14 years a few months ago, and this fabulous creation feels like a celebration of life and love. Thank you for sharing your art and your heart!!!