Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Healing and Stitching

When great loss strikes I have found that the most important thing I can do to come out from under the covers is to use my art to take the first step towards beginning to heal. Under those covers I feel immobilized… unable to breathe at times, but once I start to create something… anything… to capture those feelings in a creative, loving way that letting go starts. It may start with notes I start writing, or little sketches of seemingly overwhelming memories, then for me comes the fabric and the stitching.

As the process continues, a piece of art begins to emerge. The art is the outward sign of the healing, but the breathing in and out becomes easier with each stitch.

Back in 2000 when I lost my fur-buddy Vincent, I found myself in this space and it took a long time but what emerged was a memorial quilt to my blue-eyed boy. I am posting these here, possibly the idea may help someone else take a first step after loss to finding a way back. Then again, these pictures are acting as a placeholder for another memorial quilt that is underway for Edgar… making me feel better stitch-by-stitch.  



  1. This so wonderful Rose! Mu heart is with you. Sending virtual hugs. Cant wait to see what you will create for Edgar.

  2. Oh, such a valuable post. We all have our moments of deep pain and it's so healthy to feel it, express it, face it, and create it. What an elegant and personal tribute to Vincent ~ ~ and I know that revisiting Vincent will help you to retain the beauty of Edgar. You bless us everytime you share. Thank you.