Tuesday, May 16, 2017

do . good

I am excited to be part of my friend Natalie Barnes rollout of her new fabric. Appearing this week for all to see at Quilt Market.

This is her second line of fabric though
Windam Fabrics and is called
"Makers Home".
Leave it to Natalie to come up with a way to make my sample and the samples of the other 8 quilt artists designing for her/ using her new line be part of something BIGGER that will help 'LOTS'.

After the quilt unveiling at Quilt Market, all will be up for auction on-line with ALL proceeds going to charity.

I chose our local (no kill)
Project Hope Humane Society

After all, a house without a pet
is just not a home to me.
Here are all the details!!!
 these are all the quilters.
This is my quilt...
the others can be seen over on the ebay-auction site.

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do  .  good

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