Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rag-Quilt Saga

Since sometime last year I have known that the extra colorful quilt I kept on my bed would have to be replaced. It had been way overly loved since it was made in 1998 and had gone beyond just showing wear to having holes. These holes were made even bigger by a certain kitten who will remain nameless.

I had tried time and again to think of a design that I wanted to use, but it wasn't until I got my birthday present from my friend Angelique that I KNEW what the bed was calling out for. Angelique knew that I wanted a lap quilt for the living room which had been redone and she sent me a wonderful rag-quilt!

When I saw that quilt, I knew Angelique had provided the perfect idea for the bed quilt redo. All the colorful fabrics in my stash could be used....
I was off!!
 So I pulled a ton of fabrics from my stash.
 And, even though Ralphie took over the piles I managed to get all the fabric cut.
 I could tell from the scraps that I was going to like it.
 and Ralphie helped with the sewing....
 until the blocks were stacked high...
then the blocks were stitched and stitched.
Lastly, all was cut and washed to fluff.... leaving a very contented kitty.
He no longer has the holes to play with, but I don't think he misses them.

If you think you want to try one for yourself there are a ton of quilters who have given directions on how to.
Click here for one of those wonderful folks.

Happily covered in Kentucky,

btw - that old quilt just might show up is some other transformation soon


  1. Oh! I forgot to ask you to show it to me when I was there! Next time for sure.

    1. will do! btw - I am taking the leftovers and making kitty pillows for my helpers