Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bowling Balls for the Garden

I promised updates on some of the projects that have kept me rolling along this summer. It feels grand to be home and able to work on 'my stuff'.... sharing it with you is fun as well. Forgive me for presenting these in reverse order.

Last summer while wandering the walls of Pinterest cyberspace, clicking this and that fun item, placing them into my Garden Wishes board; I came across the bowling ball redos. Then after sharing it with a friend she ran across 4 bowling balls at the local thrift store after a bit of texting back and forth, they were mine. Then they sat out on the patio for a long time.
They finally made it to the top of wanna do list last week, so what I am sharing here is a bit about the process. I pretty much followed the same steps I used when making the glass totems back in 2013, and now these pieces are drying for a couple of days before the final step of grouting.

You start with a bowling ball, alcohol, some clear outdoor grade silicone, tin foil, wall spackle and either glass or ceramic pieces.
Then wiping it all clean with alcohol.
 Once it's clean - then fill the holes with tin foil and spackle over the foil. Now, have at it and have fun fitting it all together.
 Masking tape curled up worked great to hold the glass pieces in place for drying.
 I started at the top and worked down, and placed some found votive candle holders to represent the flower heads.

Here are my four awaiting grouting.

Playing at playing...


  1. Thanks for this post. This post is really good well images. My wife has the interest to make new things.After watching your post, she followed your post and got some bowling balls. Then she made candle holders. That's so beautiful.

    1. hope she had as much fun making these as I did...thanks for letting me know