Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Hunt Began

This Memorial Day finds me feeling much better, but still trying to kick the butt off this bronchitis...The 2nd round of antibiotics along with allergy medicine is finally letting me breathe.

While trying to be good and rest up I turned to my sketchbook and had fun working through some ideas that had been popping up several times while I was doing the daily word challenge.

To celebrate feeling better I decided to start pulling fabrics --- and I found my mind turning to this one particular blue silk.
The hunt was on - with the pulling out a blue bin of silk...
Sort of overwhelming.
It has been a while since I went for silk -- so much of my quilt making for my books is cotton.
First, I was a bit surprised by the sheer amount of silk that burst forth when I flipped off the lid. Then I was happily engaged with all the colors and textures of all the fabric --- mind you, I never really found the piece I was looking for, but I was having fun.

The opening of the blue bin, lead to the opening of the green -- then it was on to the purple and lastly the red/orange bin.

With the opening and digging through all the fabric poured memories. Fabric from this place or that place. Fabric that had been used in this quilt or that.
Does this happen to you, too?
The hunt for once piece of fabric let me reconnect not only to the fabric itself, but the history that brought it all to me.

It also was quite apparent to me that 1. I did not need anymore silk -- so during my upcoming trip to SoCalifornia I can stay clear of the Garment District, and 2. It is time for some silky projects!

All in all, a good day.


  1. Oh, how fun... and, yep! My fabrics also take me down memory lane...

    Glad you are feeling better!

    1. memory lane is just the right thing to call,it Rachel... glad I'm not alone