Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting Back to It

Ok, I admit to having a bit of time refocusing on some fun projects that are lingering on my list. The beginning of May means birthdays and Mothers Day celebrations -- time for planting up some fun pretties in the garden ...
and, this year a whole week seems to have been given over to it all!

Last, Monday David & I headed out for a few days of outdoor celebrating at Mammoth Caves National Park. We opted for staying at the park hotel, and quickly found out that with no wi-fi we truly were to become one with the park. Our time there was spent exploring and picnicing... both are heartily encouraged. The caves themselves, while fascinating -- were underground...

If this made you think twice about me -- well, you are smart.

I found out that I am definitely an open skies girl!
Sky, trees, birds--yup...underground, not so much.
While at Mammoth Caves, .we were soooo close to Bowling Green, that we had to swing by and check that lovely city out first hand, too. In all we had a great trip --
Can't wait to explore even more this summer.
Spring is certainly bringing some new adventures, and summer holds promise of even more. Wishing you the same, and I hope you share a bit of yours with me and check back for more on mine soon.

Getting Back to Stitching,
Yes, today!!!


  1. I'm with you on the open skies preference! I have a friend who explores caves and just can't imagine being in tight, dark, wet spots like that. Ugh.

    1. funny how we all like what we like.... good thing, otherwise it would probably get pretty boring. Maybe we should do a run into big sky county this summer Rachel?