Monday, June 1, 2015

The Hunt Turns to Embellishments

Last Friday I flew into Orange County --
I wanted to sneak in and be there waiting for my daughter-in-law at a  surprise party being held for her on Sat....
it went off without a hitch,
of course with the help of a small number of friends.

Before I left home I worked on a series of small quilt works --
all silk, and all ready for some wild embellishing stitch-portunities.

Since visiting the OC last year there seems to be a new bunch of stores that have moved in. Think Japanese dollar store, then check out the on-line Daiso stores.  Everything in these stores is a $1.50 and fun, so it seemed a great place to find things that may work out as embellishments.

So, along with things pulled from my stash I'm going to try and incorporate some of these finds...
What do you think?
Could you come up with ways to use some of these items?

I'm looking forward to jumping in soon.

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