Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting Ready

The 21-Day Springtime Creativity Warm-Up Challenge is set to begin here in just two days. There are lots of you that have asked to be part of the FaceBook Group and that's pretty exciting.

There will be lots of us jumping in together to warm-up our creativity.
Who knows where it will lead. 

Meantime, I'm getting all my supplies lined up.
OK, so it really only requires some paper and pencil...
BUT, I am a self-confessed office & art supplies junkie.

So, when you say paper.... I say, what kind?
In the past I did these exercises in a sketch book. It kept everything together, and it was an excuse to buy another sketchbook.
Since that first sketchbook was filled I started using tracing paper. I like using tracing paper in my design process, so this was a natural for me.. again, BUT...

While doing many, many of these over several years with my design group there came the suggestion to use 12"x12" sandwich wrap papers.
The 1000 sheet box purchased at Cosco is still pretty full, but I love using this paper, and I store them in a scrapbook box.

Now, the pencil. This is still up in the air. I gathered up all the pencils I have on hand and am trying to decide. This will probably take until Saturday, so it's a good thing that I started this now.

What do you think? Which pencil?

I told you I am a supply junkie... Maybe I'll go buy a new mechanical pencil, hmmm.


  1. New pencil! Just special for this project. What better excuse for an office supply junkie!

    1. OK Kathy! I am with you, and after posting this I was out and about and ran into pencils I don't have -- ones with 9mm lead -- the perfect excuse to pick up a pack. Now I'm ready!

  2. Ooohh! Look at all those cool pencils! I'm envious of those Rose!! Looking forward to starting to play this weekend. :)