Monday, October 6, 2014

Whisle Stop on the Creatives Worldwide Blog Hop

What a concept! Get Creative bloggers from around the world to share their blogs and get the skinny on what goes on in their studios and their minds, too!

This is what ran through my mind when friend and fellow art quilter Deborah Weir from Southern California invited me to join in.

I encourage you to check out Deborah's blog and visit the many others linked in for the fun.
I accepted the invite and am please to share a bit about myself here, and then pass along the torch to bloggers who will be carrying the Creatives Worldwide Blog Hop forward:
Chris Janne - Crafting from the Underground
Mandy Leins - Work from the hands of Mandy Leins
Stephanie Young - WoollyThyme

Meantime....The 4 questions being asked?
#1 - What am I working on?
I have just enjoyed a top to bottom clean up in my studio after a long stretch on work on my latest book. It is my 4th, and I think the hardest for me so far. There are special ideas I wanted to share in this book. Some of these include techniques on how to simplify design, and how this process actually helps the 'uniqueness of ourselves' shine through. There are also ideas on formatting, construction and presentation of our simplified and fabric-ated quilt works that will appear in these pages.
The release date for -- Fast-Piece Applique is January-2015.
and, with the clearing off the desk my mind is swimming with possibilities.
#2 - How does my work differ from others in the genre?
While I fell in love with quilting -- building in blocks, and the wonderful stitches that tell a whole story on their own... I have a need for curves, sinuous lines and color!  Curves not just within the quilting stitches but curves in the fabric that combined my love of landscapes with my love of fabric -- And, color -- well, the color that the heart feels when standing amongst great natural beauty. I accomplish this and continue to build upon this with my Fast-Piece Applique construction methods.
#3 - Why do I create what I do?
I love the process -- the problem solving -- the heart wants what the heart wants.

#4 - How does my creative process work?
I believe my process is one of unfolding.... there is the seeing, the capturing of and idea that spins in the heart picking up speed as the how to is identified. The creating ensues --- on whatever track is needed to meet with the inspirations needs --- and once the piece is completed - enjoyed, delivered.... a new idea begins to spin and pick up speed.

The path is now clear and ideas are spinning.
And, the quilts I am sharing here are all project pictures from
Fast-Piece Applique! (first time yet)


  1. love the 3 part quilts and your quilting, which you do so well. California misses you.

    1. ditto! the missing part is truly felt on my side, too.

  2. New visions from the Master. Can hardly wait for January 2015!

    1. you are so wonderful Analee! thank you for being you, and sharing it here and with me

  3. Replies
    1. me, too!!!!
      thanks for letting me know you are out here

  4. What great teasers you shared! Now I can hardly wait to see the rest of your book. I love how you keep pushing your own edges in order to help us push our edges.

    1. it really does push at several different edges Kara -- and, your comments make me feel once again in sync with my inner raven --- the one that pushes the boundaries (and of course loves anything shiny) Thank you!