Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hexie This!

The little hexagon of quilts passed has transformed itself over the last several years. Taken on by a whole new group of quilters beginning their fabric journeys.

They have become bigger, smaller, brighter and darn right cute at times, but the most historical fact about hexies has not changed. They are addictive! I personally have warded off the small -- grandmother's flower garden sized hexies by sharing that free package of hexie papers from the quilt show with my good friend (and beginning quilter) Angelique.

See what happens?!?

My own hexie trail lead off in an entirely different direction.
I took pics & postcards from a summertime trip and mixed paper and fabric hexies for this wall hanging.
I used sheets of self-seal laminating pouches for the paper hexies, and there is batting used for the fabric hexies.
It was a bit of a trial run to see how everything stitched together, but I am pleased and can see lots of possibilities.

Are you intrigued?
I will share the pattern and how to's if you'd like...
just let me know.


  1. Yes I would love the pattern!! I just returned from an awesome vacation and this would be great to make!

    1. I'll be posting the pattern on Friday --- so check back.

  2. This is so cool! I would love te pattern nd how-to's