Monday, April 28, 2014

After-Quilt Week Fun

It was a wildly fun week here in Paducah, last week, but once most of the quilters and vendors went home on Saturday there were a few of us crazies that showed up for an all day metal-bookmaking workshop.

Happily, I managed to pick my head up off the pillow and grab my stuff to get to class.
Once there I happily got to play in paint, and metal and fibers -- could not get much better than this.

The workshop was held at Ephemera, and the teacher was Leighanna Light. 

Below are pictures I took along the way to create my little book.

there was the page and book binding creating with gesso and inks
stitching in the pages
and working with the metals and fibers to pull it all together

Great end to a Great Week!

Check back here tomorrow for I'll be taking part in a fun
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  1. Very nice!! Your pictures are great. They make me want to make a book.

    1. this little book was enticing indeed Linda -- and now that I have made the one there could be more in my future -- it was FUN!

  2. Beautiful! What a fun little book to fill with inspirations.

    1. I love filling little books Cindy, but for this one the pages are little jewels on their own -- not sure if I will be writing anything in it --- I did though add sort of hidden messages on the larger paper as I played with the inks and such -- now these are like small treasures found tucked here and there -- probably no one would know they are there but me...thanks for commenting!