Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Scrappy Making of a Quitler

Hi from California!

I am having such a great time. Seeing my kids, visiting with friends in our old and sometimes new stomping grounds. There will certainly be fun things to share as a minute or two permits. Today's share is a delight for me.

Many years ago I met a very special woman... her name is Angelique and she is very dear to me. BUT, this is the tale of sharing an addiction. She had never even thought about quilting before she ran into me, though she was all about fabric and involved in the fashion industry.

Angelique visited my home studio a couple of times -- before she asked about hand stitching some basic blocks know, in her spare moments.

Being very sly about the whole thing I told her to pick some fabrics from the bins...
I then cut up some small squares and showed her how to hand piece these together.

Well, these little squares grew into 4-squares, and the 4-squares grew into quilt tops, and there was no turning back!

Shopping for fabric, and tools -- learning how to use a machine, connecting with other quilters all followed... you can see why when she shared her latest/dearest project with me the other day why she accused me of being a troublemaker.

After all, she has been the recipient of numerous priority box shipments filled with scraps for this project.

These scraps held memories of quilts made by me, and it was so amazing to see them and have them be a part of a new memory for Angelique and me, too!

Isn't she doing an amazing job!!!
Hugs to Angelique -- and to all of us troublemakers.


  1. What a colorful, beautiful quilt top!

    1. it is beautiful Cindy -- I love the care Angelique took when choosing just which fabric to use and just which way it should go -

  2. Isn't it fun to share what we love with whom we love?? Absolutely lovely!

    1. and they never know what's hitting them... love it!