Monday, April 14, 2014

Daily to Your Door

It has been a pretty fun-filled whirlwind 5 days out here in SoCA. Thursday of last week I headed off to share my quilts in a trunkshow lecture with Beach Cities Quilt Guild. This was followed up with two full day workshops with this wonderful group of quilters.

Not a moment was lost, for as soon as I left the guild on Sat afternoon, I was checking off the places & people I wanted to see again. Then yesterday was a fun filled day close to home with my kids. Close to home though meant breakfast out at a local 'foodie' hangout, followed up with a walk through 6 square blocks of antique cars. (this included a couple of restored versions of my first car - 69/Malibu - and way too many cars that were new the year I was born).

With too many photo opps awaiting I choice to focus in on a grilles-- 
though after talking about growing up in West LA over dinner the night before a friend mentioned the Helms Bakery trucks and how she remembered the donuts that miraculously showed up each day in the back of that truck ---
There in the middle of all those cars was a restored Helm's Bakery truck!

No donuts, though.

The day did not stop there and we had a blast...
but, here are the grilles & the truck, too of course.
Hope you enjoy them!

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