Monday, August 31, 2015

Rusty Lovelies

Just a quick posting of pictures from today's visit to the local junk shop -- Anything Goes. Even though I am in the middle of several, must do before I leave tomorrow morning for Texas, thingies, when my Crafty Cohort, Valerie Pollard asked if I wanted to go -- I jumped at the chance.

On my list of things to look for were 'rusty old things' and a couple of chandelier crystals. Boy, I was not disappointed. The pictures below are just a few pictures taken of the 'rusties' to pick through.

With so much to choose from it wasn't hard to come with a small box of hand selected 'rusty-lovelies' of my very own.

What am I gonna do with them?
Rust some fabric! Just don't start betting on when.

Meanwhile, back to packing!

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