Monday, August 17, 2015

Missing You!

I have had a full schedule this summer -- like most of you.
Running around, taking in some wonderful new sites,
teaching & presenting through this new part of the world (to me).

While all this has been happening I have composed a bunch of posts in my head --
only to be distracted by almost everything.

I can't say that things are slowing down any, but I am trying to make a better stab at posting.

Today I wanted to share a fun find on Pinterest last week. It was a book of Embroidery Stitches -- why? It was originally printed in 1912 and is now available on-line for free. I definitely downloaded it and have already used some of the stitches I found.

It also got me thinking -- I would love to think that in 100 years someone may find my books and just have to share them with their quilty friends... wonder what quilting will look like in 2115? what new forms of delivery will words and pictures use then?

OK back to 2015.
Here's the book and some of its pages.
enjoy and get your own copy soon.



  1. Where can I get the free download for this book?
    Thank you.

  2. Sorry . . . jumped the gun . . . I figured it out :)