Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tea, Eagles & Sharing

I have been lucky enough to have been out on Vashon Island WA for the last week. It has been a fun filled week and I am leaving behind a whole gallery of quilts that will remain on exhibit through March 2nd at Island Quilter.

But, early on before the show opening, the workshop and the downtime with my sister we were invited to one of my favorite peoples' homes for tea.

It seems like I have know Christine for many many years, and I love the tea and conversation over at her home. This time was even more exceptional, for as the tea (always great) along with apple slices and something sweet warmed us up -- there was an uninvited eagle that flew close by and then right over the house for a closer peek.
Then the conversation became very special as we turned to chatting about how we each impart a bit of ourselves to other along our journey. As we chatted Christine shared a quilt with us.

It was in fact made from leftover blocks made a long, long time ago by me at a Nancy Crow workshop. These black & white blocks had been thrown into a bag and sent to my sister and she had passed them along to Christine.

Christine had then over-dyed them - and found an entirely new home for these bits in a quilt she was putting together.

It was a wonderful morning, one that will long be remembered for reminding us of how powerful each of us are -- and what the wonder of what comes to us and through us to others.
I'm packing this morning, heading home in a matter of hours....
with lots of goodies, and of course lots of good memories of this time on the island and in the Pacific NW.


  1. Oh, now I'm "homesick" for my Northwest people and places!! So glad you had such a special visit and made new memories in "old" places. How I love to watch the eagles. Another lovely gift for you, the Raven Girl.

  2. the entire trip was a gift Kara -- it was tough to pick only one little piece of it all to share -- maybe there will be other.... glad you enjoyed this one