Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simplify to Find Your Self

It seems like a zillion years ago that I started the art quilters group out in California -- Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists.

I did this after several years in traditional guilds and a burning need to find 'like minds'.
I was not disappointed!

Back at the time, and even now, quilt artists who wanted to expand on their art careers were told they needed a body of work. It seemed to be on everyone's agenda.

Over the years I have come to understand that our voice is shared by the choices we make.

In my latest book - due out in January I share some basic lessons on how to simplify the visual things that surround us everyday into interesting designs. Once we have those design ideas then we dig around in our personal tool kits (which I personally think should include Fast-Piece Applique how to for stitching fabric) and bring them to life.

Want to make something 'uniquely' you? Simplify!

The simplifying process begins with us...
1st by choosing the subject we want. (something we love or something that has us intrigued.)
Then with every detail we remove,
or area we change,
it becomes more and more our own.

The cover quilt for my newest book is a good example.
This photo, taken while on Martinique  while I was on a teaching cruise with World Quilts to the Caribbean was the inspiration for this quilt.

I loved this scene! The beach, umbrellas and beautiful Caribbean waters.
You can see what I edited out,
what I chose to emphasize and in my case, repeat.
All things that this photo reminds me of,
and through simplifying make my quilt, my own personal take-away from that walk along the boardwalk.

A teacher that I met and became fast friends with on that trip asked if she could use that photo as inspiration. Of course, I said, for I know Michelle would create from it would be totally different from my own.

Try if for yourself. Do you have a small group of quilters that you work with -- ask them to create a small quilt from a photo you provide. Then stand back and be prepared to be amazed!

Do you want a bit of a head start on learning Fast-Piece Applique....
join me on-line for my workshop

'Shaping Up with Fast-Piece Applique'!


  1. Is this class a video? Have you thought about doing a Craftsy class?

  2. Carolina - this workshop has materials of several types including video that is presented. While Craftsy is a great choice, it is not available for everyone. Keep in mind that contracts can keep teachers from using multiple providers, even if they want to.

    I do hope you give Academy of Quilting & my workshop a shot. Thank You